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4 Proven Benefits of Business WiFi

The signs are everywhere: Free WiFi! All types of businesses, large and small, are developing a business wifi plan, and for good reason.

Implementing a wifi solution in your business or organization can have a positive influence on your bottom line.

For churches, schools and non-profit organizations wifi gives organizations a way to connect with their members, supporters, provide interactive audio-visual accompaniments for programs, distribute curriculum, collect contact details in a digital guestbook, receive donations and so much more.

For businesses with waiting rooms, such as mechanic shops, doctors’ offices, and professional services firms, business wifi gives customers a way to stay entertained while they wait. For businesses with general public wifi access like restaurants and hotels, it lets customers stay connected with and share their experiences on social media during their visit and gives them a reason to linger and order more. It also gives these businesses a quick and efficient way to check customers in/out and process payments.

Consider its impact on retail businesses alone. According to data from global research and advisory firm IHL Group, a third of retailers have experienced a positive impact on customer loyalty as a result of offering in-store wifi. Slightly more than 20 percent of retailers say it increases the time customers stay in the store.

No matter what time of business you have, there are a number of benefits to implementing wifi. With the right business wifi/church wifi solution, you can:

  • Improve customer engagement. Offering free wifi to your customers can make them linger longer, buy more or even be more patient while they wait for their service. Plus, you can use your wifi splash page to offer specials, promotions and coupons that create loyal, returning customers.
  • Set the Wi-Fi parameters for your business. What if you don’t want folks to overstay their welcome because you have limited parking or don’t want people outside your business to access your network? The right public wifi solution lets you set parameters for how long and during what hours people can access your wifi network.
  • Protect your mission-critical bandwidth. With the right business wifi solution, you can separate your public wifi from your private business wifi and cap the amount of bandwidth available to the public wifi so your business wifi is always performs well.
  • Choose the content filters right for your customers. You decide what type of Internet content is viewable through your wifi, to help your business maintain a family-friendly image.

Providing free wifi to your customers, clients, guests and visitors takes a relatively small investment, but results in big dividends by driving both new and repeat business.

Offering free wifi to your clients, supporters or students doesn’t mean sacrificing your own business wifi speeds or security. For example, with 4QuartersIT wifi, you receive completely separate wifi networks for public and business use. With fast connection speeds and no bottlenecks, your staff will be able to continue to use mobile devices to get their jobs done, regardless of the volume of guest traffic. Business data and transactions remain secure behind your private wifi firewall. You can also set the public or guest wifi to only be available during certain hours and to filter out certain types of content.

Today’s consumers – especially Millennials – expect always-on connectivity to apps, email, streaming content and social media no matter where they are. Give them the experience they expect by making free customer and guest wifi a key offering of your business and see the impact it has on your bottom line.

Are business WiFi solutions Affordable?

Absolutely! 4QuartersIT makes wifi networks affordable for every business and organization.

  • Multiple Budgeting Options
  • Options with levelized monthly payments
  • Hardware Purchase is not required
  • Flexibility to upgrade, change and scale the solution

4QuartersIT has helped numerous clients with their wireless network needs! Our experts will work with you to determine the types of wireless network equipment you will need and will design a customized system that meets your organizations current needs while allowing for expansion as your needs change. No matter the size of your organization, we can design a wireless network that will exceed your expectations in every way! Please contact our WiFi Specialist @ WiFi@4QuartersIT.com for a free site survey and we will be happy to help!