“The greatest benefit we have received from 4QuartersIT is the stability and connectivity of our wifi. It has allowed us to function better and our communication has greatly improved.”

Beach United Methodist Church

Church WiFi doesn’t have to be challenging but oftentimes it is one of the most difficult problems for churches to solve. Whether it’s building structure complications, separating staff and guest access or accommodating a large number of users, 4QuartersIT has helped many churches overcome their wifi dilemmas.

The wifi needs of churches and their members have changed significantly in the last 10-15 years. In years past, wifi was mainly reserved for coffee shops and bookstores, but now wifi is everywhere – even church. Members are using Bible apps on their smart devices, connecting to church apps for calendars and other information or to give electronically, which means that having fast and dependable WiFi is imperative.

Understandably, the networking needs of a church are different from those of a home network.  Where a single wireless access point is usually enough to cover a typical home with adequate wireless signal, churches need multiple secure access points and often wireless antennas distributed around the campus to provide full coverage. Because installing multiple wireless access points can cause interference issues which actually degrade wireless signal, churches must use wireless access points that are designed specifically to be deployed in groups. These devices can “mesh” together and will appear to the users as one single network, allowing a wireless device to travel from one side of a building to the other with no signal loss. Your typical home WiFi devices cannot do this.

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