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WiFi Beyond the Coffee Shop: How Businesses are leveraging Wireless Networks to enhance the customer experience, while saving on infrastructure costs.

Wireless Networking:  

By now, almost everyone has used a basic wireless network of some kind in their personal life.  Wireless networks allow us to browse the internet while hanging out at our favorite coffee shop or bookstore. Our in-home wireless network allows us to connect and control our “Smart” devices like televisions, thermostats, security cameras and light bulbs without leaving the couch. Along with these common “personal” uses, businesses of all kinds are beginning to embrace wireless technology for the many benefits it can provide in the workplace.  

How does Business Wireless Networking differ from a home wireless network? 

Understandably, the networking needs of a business are different from those of a home network.  Where a single wireless access point is usually enough to cover a typical home with adequate wireless signal, businesses often need multiple secure access points distributed around the building to provide full signal coverage. Because installing multiple wireless access points can cause interference issues which actually degrade wireless signal, businesses must use wireless access points that are designed specifically to be deployed in groups. These devices can “mesh” together and will appear to the users as one single network, allowing a wireless device to travel from one side of a building to the other with no signal loss. Your typical home WiFi devices cannot do this.  

How is Wireless Networking Used in a Business Environment? 

Some organizations are simply using wireless networks to provide “Guest” internet access for visitors in areas like conference rooms or lobbies. Others are now able to use wireless networking technology to extend network availability to areas that were not wired for connectivity during construction. Organizations with large indoor or outdoor areas such as churches, warehouses, and sports stadiums have all benefited from implementing high capacity or  long range access points designed specifically to work in these types of locations. Additionally, one of the newest and most talked about uses for wireless technology is to allow organizations with multiple non-connected buildings to use compact yet powerful wireless antennas to securely connect those buildings across the organization’s campus. Using these compact wireless antennas to connect multiple buildings eliminates the need for expensive and disruptive digging and trenching for installing long-run cabling from one building to another. Depending on the size of an organization’s campus, using wireless antennas to connect buildings can save tens of thousands of dollars in costs over cabling. 

I would like to know more about using Wireless in by business, where should I start? 

4QuartersIT has helped numerous clients with their wireless network needs! Our experts will work with you to determine the types of wireless network equipment you will need and will design a system that meets your organizations current needs while allowing for expansion as your needs change. No matter the size of your organization, we can design a wireless network that will exceed your expectations in every way! Please contact our offices for a free site survey and one of our network design team will be happy to help!