Next-Level IT

4QuartersIT Group offers game-winning IT services to take your business to the next level. We believe that success is achieved through hard work, strong leadership, and as a team. As in athletics, we recognize business is a competitive effort each and every day and work diligently to deliver an advantage our clients value.

The name 4QuartersIT originated as a result of understanding the need to help people drive business success through the strength of their technology during the entire course of the year – all four quarters. We specialize in “Managed IT Services” and see our purpose as bridging the gap between people and technology, resulting in our customers being more effective, efficient, secure and competitive.  

Part Evolution. Part Revolution.

4QuartersIT Group is the fusion of Pinnacle Businesses Group and Yotta280, Inc. It was created by founder Terry Fields, an experienced technology entrepreneur in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia market. Terry has operated three IT companies in this region over the course of his thirty plus years of serving their IT needs. The most recent organizations being Pinnacle Business Group, a Managed IT Service Provider founded in 2002, and Yotta280, an internationally award-winning backup and disaster recovery company started in 2006.

We have now strategically combined both companies into 4QuartersIT Group to offer the full spectrum of IT services in a new and innovative way – “Managed IT Services” – backed by our decades of experience and expertise. 4QuartersIT’s expanded catalogue of services, along with its familiarity with the needs of the small and medium businesses of this region creates an unparalleled strategic approach to IT management and support. Ask us how we can become a strategic partner in your success.

Change for the Good

“Managed IT Services” is the new paradigm that is revolutionizing how businesses streamline their IT services.

4QuartersIT provides 24×7 remote system monitoring allowing proactive solutions that stay one step ahead of potential problems as opposed to the reactive and outdated methods of our competitors.

And that is just the beginning. 4QuartersIT also offers cloud services which, thanks to recent advances in the technologies of network and computer infrastructure, makes it now possible for businesses to move their entire server room or data center off-site, while still enjoying the accessibility and speed of onsite servers.

With cloud computing and virtual server technology, servers can be created, upgraded, or removed quickly and easily. Where once increasing your system’s speed or capacity meant buying expensive new hardware, finding space for it, installing it, and maintaining it, 4QuartersIT leverages secure and proven technology to do all of this quickly and affordably.