Reduce your phone bill with 4QuartersIT VoIP.
No hardware to buy. Work anywhere, anytime.



VoIP is less expensive than a land line because it uses an existing internet connection rather than requiring a separate system or additional hardware. With the 4QuartersIT VoIP System, there’s no hardware to buy! 



Security risks can always be mitigated, and professionally installed VoIP networks are highly secure. Thanks to encryption, VoIP can help mitigate risk more effectively than with a traditional phone line. 

Old phone systems create risks that are avoidable when using VoIP, such as:

  • Old phone systems are expensive to update and support
  • PBX components that fail are difficult and expensive to repair or replace
  • The risk of PBX failure (and your entire voice network going down) can be very costly

In short, when your PBX fails, you face a crisis.



VoIP (voice over IP) is the transmission of voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, therefore, a traditional phone line is no longer needed. 



Small and medium sized businesses want a communications system that can grow along with them, while not wasting funds on products or features they don’t need or use. As your business grows, our network seamlessly scales with you—without unexpected fees. No one can predict the future, but businesses do their best to project their path to success. Because the 4QuartersIT VoIP phone systems are scalable, businesses don’t have to buy new expensive hardware or purchase new dedicated phone lines. This is why companies need a highly-flexible technology like 4QuartersIT’s cloud-based hosted VoIP solutions.



Work on the move and keep the time loss as low as possible. Experience efficiency at its best. The 4QuartersIT mobile VoIP App is designed to provide business users with a set of features and benefits capable of transforming a company’s communications system into a real powerhouse. It is available on Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, Ubuntu Linux as a desktop application, and on Google Android and Apple iOS as a mobile application.



4QuartersIT Communication Team, will review your network and deploy your new VoIP system using best practices to ensure that your call quality is clear and dependable.  



While the 4QuartersIT VoIP systems have a variety of features, a few of the most popular are listed below.

Custom Greeting
Music on Hold
Dial by Name Directory
Auto Attendant
Mobile Application
Call Forwarding
Voicemail to Email
Clients won’t know you’re not in your office
Call Transfer
Call Park
Ring Group