Maximizing your church’s impact

Stewardship is a great responsibility. We can help.

“4QuartersIT treats us like family. They know us as well as our business and are vested in our success, ensuring that our systems perform as desired to enable us to conduct our ministry without concern for technology infrastructure.”

Fruit Cove Baptist Church

It’s who we are.

We know churches because we are church people and our core values make it our common practice to go the extra mile. Our CEO is a graduate of Christian education and a native of Jacksonville. Because of our belief in the church mission, 4QuartersIT has made serving churches a primary focus. We understand your desire to be a good steward while integrating today’s technology to ultimately serve your congregation and increase outreach. We are intimately familiar with church applications such as Shelby, ACS, Sage, Worship Planner, Breeze, Church Community Builder, Tithely, ProCare and many more!

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