Throughout our 30 year history, 4QuartersIT has been helping organizations adapt to a changing world, and the Covid-19 global pandemic is no exception. It’s times like these, you need an IT partner that will listen to your needs and get you going quickly, while also understanding budget concerns. 


    • Work-From-Home
      A work-from-home plan needs to happen quickly. But where do you start?
      Companies are being forced to adapt quickly and important security measures are often overlooked and hackers are fully aware of it. Don’t compromise productivity, efficiency or security.

      We’ve been helping organizations successfully work-from-home for years and we can do the same for you!

    • Collaboration
      Even with social-distancing, driving productivity to new levels through collaboration remains critical to the continued success and growth of many organizations. The 4QuartersIT Collaboration Suite allows your team to continue to work together through audio, video, chat, screen-sharing, document sharing and so much more.

      It’s like being in the same room, but not! 

    • Phones
      Most people still believe that “forwarding the phone” is the best solution when you are out of the office and it used to be, however, with the modern 4QuartersIT Phone Solution, your clients will never know you’re not at your desk. With features like transferring, voicemail, multi-line, auto attendant, conference, hold and so much more, you can work anywhere at anytime!

      The best part is, there’s no equipment to buy! 

    • Live-Stream

      The 4QuartersIT live-stream solution is a complete, easy-to-use live video streaming solution for organizations that can be implemented quickly and affordably. 
      Reach your viewers wherever they are. Broadcast your events to your website, Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, AppleTV & Roku. Perfect for churches, corporate events, trainings, board meetings and so much more!

      Streaming has never been so easy. No technical experience necessary!