Kiosk stations are multi-function.

Increase Giving. Streamline Check In. Print Name Tags.


Strengthening church communities.

Self-serve kiosks provide many benefits to church members and guests; functions like check-in, check-out, name tag printing, and secure giving to name a few. By speeding up the check-in process, kiosks can virtually eliminate lines in high traffic areas. Kiosks also allow secure check-in and check-out for families with children in day-care or Sunday School, which provides parents with peace of mind. Kiosks are also becoming a popular way for members to financially contribute to the church. In our increasingly cash-less society, having the ability to contribute using a credit or debit card allows members to give when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so. Similarly, a kiosk can allow members to easily sign up for Missions and other events, increasing participation.

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